The Solliès fig, a special relationship between producers and Les vergers Boiron

The Solliès fig, a special relationship between producers and Les vergers Boiron

Les vergers Boiron received Thibaut Ruggeri, Bocuse d'Or 2013 in Valence. On this occasion, Didier Fabre, a producer of Solliès figs, spoke with passion about his work and his encounter with the brand. 

"My fig fields are located between Toulon and Hyères, south of the Var. In the 1950s, my grandfather started to farm figs, as he owned land that he could irrigate with care, a necessary condition for growing beautiful fig trees.
He sold locally first, then the sale of our figs reached Paris in the 1960s through refrigerated road haulage, hence the term "la parisienne", the first nickname of our fig.
Other producers joined us, the crop developed in the 1980s with the arrival of new sources of water through the Canal de Provence. We then created the Solliès fig defence association to protect and obtain official recognition of our quality production. This was confirmed in 2006 with the awarding of the AOC label.

Strict growing techniques for magnificent fruit
The AOC requires strict orchard management: 250 trees per hectare, compulsory pruning, responsible irrigation (drip and micro sprinkler), sugar content in fruit calibrated to between 17 and 19 Brix, traceability, featuring the land plot number, harvest date and standardised packaging.
I have decided not to use any herbicides. Herds maintain the plots during the winter and I only add organic amendments.

It was in those years that we met a man and a company that made us go even further.
In Alain Boiron we discovered a man passionate about his work and our fruit, an industrialist who doesn't just talk prices. With his straightforward and informed approach, great simplicity, he guided us and made progress.
To our surprise, Les vergers Boiron asked us to pick our fruit at the best possible stage of maturity, with sugar content between 19 and 23 brix! This was a requirement and a challenge that questioned our know-how, from picking to delivery. We had to review our procedures and train our staff. The raw material that comes from our orchards is put in a positive cold chamber (12 hours at 2°C) to stabilise and minimise the beginning of the natural oxidation and fermentation  process, favoured by high sugar content and high temperatures. Then it is frozen at -26°C. We can thus guarantee the flavor, aromas, nutritional value and original color.
Everything is done on our farm. In terms of industrial refrigeration, we have become totally independent to eliminate the risk of breaking the chill chain.

For years, our relationship with Les vergers Boiron goes beyond that of a mere supplier to a buyer. Together, we share our experiences and expertise, but in particular our love of fruit and excellence. It is an industrial company that has kept the soul of an artisan."