In search of the future Les vergers Boiron product

In search of the future Les vergers Boiron product

Behind the excellence of the Les vergers Boiron products there is a permanent search for improvement that is all part of an innovation approach that is both structured and open.

Simplicity is the product of complex knowledge as is well known and the Les vergers Boiron fruit purées are no exception to this rule. Their colour, intense taste, and texture – these qualities, recognised worldwide in gastronomy, are the fruit of very refined expertise and constantly challenged by the R&D department and its expert partners.  

Every production stage is rigorously explored so as to be continually improved:
  • sourcing - with the producers and agronomy experts, to optimise and make safe the raw material in looking for the best fruit;
  • assembling – with sensory analysis experts to create and reproduce the best recipes with constant quality;
  • transforming – with the manufacturers of plant to optimise this essential technological know-how in preserving the original flavour of the fruit.
And to go still further Les vergers Boiron also seek to explore what is new: new textures, new products, new concepts, new practices… by adapting, for example, the concentration processes used in other sectors. 

The idea is to open the field of the possible, to improve through diversified sources of knowledge. Thus Les vergers Boiron invite engineering schools, physico-chemistry experts such as Raphaël Haumont and his “cuisine of the future” Chair at Orsay, technical centres with prototyping equipment and, of course, those most concerned – the patisserie chefs and cooks. From generating ideas to final product the paths are many to providing chefs with products and solutions that will enable them to express all their creativity and talent. 

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April 2017