New technology for a "home-made" taste

New technology for a "home-made" taste

Our new industrial facility further enhances the properties of fresh fruit and vegetables. Discover how innovation perfects our know-how.

How does our new technology keep that "home-made" flavour?
At the Les vergers Boiron production site, established since 2010 in Valence, Drôme, in the heart of one of the largest orchards in France, we are constantly innovating to improve our quality standards. 

Last October, after several years of research by our R&D department, we installed a brand new state-of-the-art production facility which allows us to match the taste and texture of home-made vegetable puree. 

Without giving away all our secrets, this new facility grinds and blends, specifically cooks each of our vegetables in an adapted way, on their reception (after our usual controls, selections and assemblies). Purees are then packed in trays or bottles for optimum food safety, then immediately frozen to "capture" all their qualities. 

The accuracy of the whole machine is such that the flavour of purees produced by our workshop perfectly preserves the taste, texture and colour of the fresh vegetable. Our new facility (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HQE certified) can make purees with thicker and thus easier to work textures which become ideal as a base for a dish, plate décor, side dish or binder in sauces. 

With this technology, Les vergers Boiron can save you a lot of time: washing, scrubbing, peeling, deseeding, blending, sieving... You have no waste and you control your costs. Our products are simple to implement and this is especially the case of our latest references: beetroot, a fibrous product that stains everything it touches; asparagus, difficult to handle and butternut, arduous to cut and peel.

April 2014