Les vergers Boiron withdraws several batches of frozen passion fruit purée

Les vergers Boiron withdraws several batches of frozen passion fruit purée

As part of the quality controls carried out on all our frozen fruit purées, we are withdrawing several batches of frozen passion fruit purée, which do not comply with European standards. 

During our internal quality control testing, we detected a non-compliance involving several batches of passion fruit purée.  Our testings revealed a level of lead higher than allowed in European standards.

We immediately alerted the French authorities (Direction départementale de Protection des Populations de la Drôme (DDPP 26). In coordination with the authorities, a procedure for withdrawing the batches concerned has been launched in Europe. All distributors and importers concerned were informed by e-mail and by phone.


According to the studies on this subject and the doctors we have been able to consult, the presence of lead in excess of the regulatory limit does not pose an immediate risk to the health of consumers. There is no risk of acute toxicity for a person who would have occasional consumption of a product made from the batches of concerned passion fruit purées. Only chronic, repeated exposure can be of concern for health, which is not the case with our products.

We have launched an internal investigation and analyzed the possible factors of contamination (water, industrial process, supply, environment...). Our first conclusions allowed us to identify, in particular, a supplier of passion fruit. This source of supply was blocked and its batches were subjected to extensive controls.


We carry out more than 80 quality controls per year on metal particules. All finished products are checked. The control of metals is carried out according to a control plan specific to each flavour according to the risks identified. For more than 10 years, all the controls carried out on this flavor as on all other flavors have never revealed a non-compliant result. The last inspection detected a lead level higher than the regulatory tolerance of the European Union.


If you are a distributor / importer: click here for more information on the terms and conditions of this withdrawal.

If you are a pastry chef, cook, bartender..., do not hesitate to contact your distributor who will inform you of the procedure to follow for the withdrawal.