See and learn about Solliès figs

See and learn about Solliès figs

A great purée begins with quality fruit grown by the best producers. For example: our collaboration for over 20 years with a family of fig growers in Solliès in Southern France.

In this issue of my-vb magazine, we offer our subscribers a video report on Didier Fabre, fig producer and Les vergers Boiron partner.

The Fabre domain, located in the Gapeau Valley, in Provence, France between Hyères and Toulon, produces quality Solliès figs, which were granted the status of AOC (Controlled Appellation) in 2006 and AOP (Protected Appellation) in 2015.

The collaboration with the Fabre domain goes back 20 years and has been perpetuated across two generations. It is emblematic of the Les vergers Boiron philosophy in the way it works with its privileged suppliers, based on three key words: terroir, trust, exchange.

As you’ll see in this video, everything has been done to guarantee that the fruit is of the highest quality every year, by respecting criteria such as the BRIX (sugar content), as well as cooling and freezing processes that avoid oxidation to maintain the original color of the fruit.

These figs are therefore handpicked at their prime for use in Les vergers Boiron fig purées without added sugar.

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