Pomegranate in a glass!

Pomegranate in a glass!

With Les vergers Boiron pomegranate puree, discover the typical taste of this fresh and tangy sun-drenched fruit!

Give your cocktails the pink colour and the typical sweet flavour of the fresh fruit. With no added sugar, Les vergers Boiron Pomegranate puree contains pulp from the fruit and preserves the colour and freshness of the fruit harvested at maturity. A pearl for your cocktails!

A makeover
Beneath its firm and shiny skin hides a multitude of grains which are enveloped in a translucent juicy and perfumed pulp. Pomegranate is a treasure for a balanced diet, as it is rich in vitamin C and in potassium.
Today, the scientific community is very interested in this fruit, and the puree extracted from it, because of its high content of antioxidant compounds. During production of the puree, the entire fruit is used: antioxidants in the membranes are thus found in the juice and produce a nectar that is even richer in anti-ageing agents!

Les vergers Boiron Pomegranate puree, sweet and refreshing pinkness
Subtle, light and refreshing, Les vergers Boiron Pomegranate puree goes perfectly with aromatic herbs, cane syrup and a few dashes of lemon. Avoid using other strong tasting purees with it like mango, raspberry or passion fruit. They could mask the delicate flavour of pomegranate.

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