Frozen fruit and frozen purees: taste and quality!

Frozen fruit and frozen purees: taste and quality!

Many bartenders are not yet aware of all the benefits of frozen fruit or vegetable puree compared to fresh vegetables. And yet ... just try Les vergers Boiron fruit or vegetable purees and enjoy the difference!

A wide range of assets
Fruit and vegetables are carefully selected and harvested at maturity, without risk of oxidation or a disappointing batch: quality, consistent and impeccable taste and texture is guaranteed throughout the year.
After gentle defrosting between 2 and 4°C in closed container (24 h for a 1 kg tray and 12 hours for a 500 ml bottle), the purees are ready to use and can be stored for 15 days. You are released of the time-consuming constraints of preparing fresh fruit and vegetables. The bartender's added value can be expressed elsewhere...
The Les vergers Boiron range of fruit and vegetable purees is an incredibly rich and varied source of healthy, natural and light products. A strong trend in today's world. By combining various flavors, you can invent new recipes.

Freddy Diaz works in Florida for the AlambiQ company and is a mixology consultant for professionals.
He talks to us about Les vergers Boiron purees:
"Of course freshly squeezed juice is good, but when it comes to consistency, taste and quality, Les vergers Boiron purees are irreplaceable. Take the example of lemon and lime. For lemon, the fruit are carefully selected, mainly in Sicily, while limes mainly come from Latin America, two of the best production places in the world.
Les vergers Boiron know how to choose the best ripe fruit and vegetables across the globe and adjust the sugar content if necessary and only if necessary, to a precise brix degree. Their flavor and aroma are subtle and unequalled."

Renewed creativity
Fruits and vegetables have become truly trendy items. With frozen purees, bartenders have access to dozens of flavors to vary their cocktails. It should also be noted that they are very similar in terms of their impeccable quality, color, aroma, flavor and texture to fresh fruit, since they are picked at maturity. Fruit and vegetable experts select this wide choice of purees. That's something an experienced bartender can spot instantly!

In terms of use and taste, Les vergers Boiron have reached such a level of quality that there should be no reason why a bartender should hesitate to use them.