'Employees Only', a New York legend

'Employees Only', a New York legend

Discover one of New York's most famous cocktail bars presented to readers of My-vb news by Steve Schneider himself, head barman

"Prohibition, in its positive aspects, was a rather crazy time, but also very festive, and continues to strongly inspire Employees Only, which has become a legendary bar in just a few years. In the 1920s, free men and women would meet up in underground bars for the pleasure of being together, partying and drinking alcohol of course...

Today, it is very important for us that everyone feels comfortable here. EO is a bar that changes according to the time of day and mood. A girl can come and dance here until 3 am and be back at 6 p.m. for dinner with her parents. We have a clientele of people who work in the neighborhood, friends that come in groups, tourists. Everyone is welcome. I think EO is really appreciated for that. And at any time, it is possible to find a varied list of extraordinary cocktails, good food, quick and attentive service, all provided by people who love what they do, respect each other and the place where they work.

In this very open, warm, melting pot atmosphere, the diversity of flavours of Les vergers Boiron purees allows us to offer an authentic touch that recalls the taste of fresh seasonal fruit to our customers from all over the world. As they would enjoy them at home, even at -20°C and in New York! "

Discover Employees Only recipes given to us by Steve Schneider including Blondina, the best-selling cocktail recipe at Employees Only.