Champagne continues to sparkle!

Champagne continues to sparkle!

Champagne is flowing again at new record levels. A reminder of the secrets of its success.

Pop! Do you know how many champagne corks popped last year all over the world? More than 300 million. Producers made more than €4 billion in turnover, practically an historic record. Obviously, the French are by far the leading consumers (58% of bottles sold), followed by the English, Americans, Germans and Belgians. But new consumers are arriving on the scene: the Chinese, Brazilians and Indians who are drinking more of it and prefer "grandes cuvées" and vintage champagnes. It's good to know...

More than ever, champagne strives for excellence. In particular to set itself apart from Spanish, Italian and New World sparkling wines, which continue to gnaw away at sales at the lower end of the market.

Champagne is above all an exceptional product that owes its success to incredible flavors. A restricted "terroir", authentic wine varieties, strict selection of the best grapes... That is why it is considered to be one of the finest and most accomplished wines to be drunk at major yearly or life events.

What also distinguishes champagne is that it uses the assembly technique, quite unique in the world of wine. It allows the blending of several wine varieties, from several "terroirs" and even different years, up to thirty in all! Champagne producers spend several weeks achieving the finest and most sought after blend to obtain the harmony most in tune with the champagne house.

The process is identical at Les vergers Boiron. Although our fruit is uncompromisingly selected from the best growing territories from all over the world, meeting very strict specifications, its texture and flavor can vary according to various factors (weather in particular). It's natural after all. To find the recipe's benchmark flavor and guarantee the consistency that has forged the reputation of Les vergers Boiron, an in-house expert panel, specially formed and chaired by Alain Boiron, assembles the different batches that are previously analysed and identified.  It is a long-term process, repeated with each production, every year, exactly as in champagne. 

What could be more natural than bringing together champagne and Les vergers Boiron fruit purees to create exceptional cocktails! 
Bellini, Bonaparte, French 75, Poire royale... the magic of bubbles combined with the delicate flavor of Les vergers Boiron products like peach, grapefruit, pear or raspberry will titillate the taste buds. The range comprises more than fifty or so flavors to guide the inspiration of bartenders and prepare sparkling and simply delicious cocktails.

Take a look at our Les vergers Boiron recipes for more original ideas.



September 2012