Bar: it all happened in 2013!

Bar: it all happened in 2013!

Trends, highlights, the year's major events to be remembered for Les vergers Boiron in 2013.
The year's trends
Confidential and famous Speakeasy bars!
As alcohol has the gift of getting people talking, the "speakeasy" was the name given to illegal bars set up during the Prohibition era. A renewed taste for secrecy! Riding on the trend of ephemeral venues, for insiders only, these new bars are mushrooming, with, in Moscow alone, three locations ranked among the 50 best bars in the world: Chaynaya, Mendeliev and Delicatessen!

Green and bubbling
Green is the quintessential colour for healthy products. Mix sparkling water with Les vergers Boiron green apple puree and you will be smack in the middle of the latest trend!

Cocktails and fragrances
In Berlin, at the Curtain Club bar at the Ritz-Carlton, head bartender Arnd Heissen is a chemist inspired by the greatest fragrances (including La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain) with creations based on herbs, spices or tea.
In Paris, we discover the beginnings of this trend at the Gocce bar with elixirs created in collaboration with perfumer Annick Goutal.
A trend to watch in forthcoming new openings!

2013 for Les vergers Boiron: keep innovating!
Remember that we guarantee storage of our purees for close to 15 days in the refrigerator after defrosting*, a key point in the management of a bar!

In 2013, several new delicious products were launched: Yellow pepper, Bergamot, Ginger, Lemon Grass, Dark Red Plum, Grated Coconut Fruit Speciality.
In 2014: we continue to innovate with new gems of taste and new textures to be discovered this spring!

* in their original closed packaging.

And international!
In 2013 Les vergers Boiron were present in 34 exhibitions and 130 demonstration events and competitions around the world.

In Asia, Les vergers Boiron organized the "Pairing the best" competition.
The first competition for a full menu (cocktail, main course, dessert) for three people proposed by a national team. The final was held in Hong Kong on 25 June 2013 and the Singapore team won the first prize: a trip to France for a week-long programme in a gourmet restaurant, a tour of Paris and the Les vergers Boiron site.

Les vergers Boiron were also present at the Sydney Bar Week, Tokyo International BarShow, Las Vegas BarShow and other cocktail competitions in Los Angeles and Chicago; the UK BarShow: one of the largest fairs in the world or BCB Bar Convent Berlin 2013: Europe's largest bar fair.