Our mission: to contribute to the success of food professionals, in savoury, sweet and beverage applications, with a product line constantly tailored to their requirements.


Driven by this mission, we select the best ingredients, in the best localities, worldwide. 

Our experts assemble these fruits and vegetables, harvested at maturity, using techniques inherited from the champagne sector. Their know-how guarantees authentic and consistent taste, color and texture. 

Then we transform them at our ultra-modern plant in Valence, following strict standards developed over dozens of years' experience working with fruit. For each fruit and vegetable we have developed a specific process to ensure that their original qualities are respected. These qualities are then protected by deep freezing that allows a long use-by date and thus guarantees professionals availability of our products all year round.

Our sales and marketing teams are there to listen to food professionals' requirements and assist our distributors and importers worldwide. They can count on the support of 15 salespeople who have perfect knowledge of the cultural and culinary specifics of each country.    


100% TASTE

Exceptional and authentic flavor, color and texture, as close as possible to fresh fruit and vegetables.


Colouring-, thickening- and preservative-free. No artifice: the unbelievable subtlety of fruit and vegetables.

100% SURE

Products with consistent and organoleptic qualities and guaranteed physico-chemical and microbiologic qualities. Available all year round.



No more washing, peeling, deseeding, blending and loss of matter. Professionals save labour time and control their costs with ready-to-use and simple products. Packaging is designed to satisfy the requirements of each profession.
The quality and safety seal:

  • HACCP approach (food safety) since 1996.
  • A series of controls throughout the process: from the selection of the fruit and vegetables through to their selling.
  • HEQ approach at our site.