Wobbly lobster bisque, ginger and lemon grass, vegetable brunoise, dublin bay prawns with vanilla butter.

Savoury recipe
Marc de Passorio

Marc de Passorio

This gourmet, trained by Lucien Mongelli in the Reunion Island, concocts a cuisine which is flavoured with memories from all his travels. Produce from Provence also has a prominent place. Consequently...
  1. Ingredients

    • Frozen speciality : Ginger - 250g
    • Frozen speciality : Lemongrass - 250g
    • Lobster bisque - 2,5kg
    • Gambas - 2kg
    • Gelatin - 25 feuilles
    • Melted vanilla butter - 250g
    • Lemon (juice) - 2p
    • Lime - 2p
    • Celeriac - 750g
    • Carrot - 750g
    • Salt - pm

    Wash, peel and cut the vegetables into a brunoise before boiling them.

    Cook the Dublin Bay prawns in a steam oven at 100°C in a vacuum bag with the lime peel for 6 minutes. Slice them thickly then season them with the melted vanilla butter and fleur de sel.

    Infuse Boiron ginger and lemon grass specialties in the lobster bisque. Season with the lemon juice and salt. Bind with 8 sheets of gelatine per litre.

    Arrange the vegetables before pouring over the gelled bisque. Once set, finish with the Dublin Bay prawns.

    Presentation:in shot glass or in a plate, depending on your wishes and inspiration

    In this step

    Frozen fruit purées
    Frozen fruit purées

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