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Florent Gérardin

Florent Gérardin

He started his career in La Rochelle (France) in one of the regional gastronomic references, the Restaurant of Richard & Christopher COUTANCEAU (two Michelin stars since 1986). He also worked for ...
  1. Wagyu


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Pear - 1000 g
    • Gellan - 12 g
    • Boiled egg - 3
    • Noisette butter - 500 g
    • Apple vinegar or lemon juice - 0,05 g
    • wagyu beef - 3kg

    The Wagyuwill be cooked according to the beef cut you buy.

    Mix the pear puree and Gellan together in 200 g of water and bring to a boil.

    Set out in thin slices on a tray, allow to set, then cut into spaghetti-like pieces.

    Mix the cold eggs with vinegar together in a hand. Slowly incorporate the brown butter.

    Season appropriately.

    On a smallplate, lay an emulsified quenelle and a generous portion of beef. Over the topput the pear spaghetti.  

    Add some microplants or flowers for colour.

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