Spider crab meat in red pepper and lemongrass jelly

Savoury recipe
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  1. Red pepper jelly


    • Frozen vegetable purée 100% : Red pepper - 95 g
    • Frozen speciality : Lemongrass - 5 g
    • Gelatine (sheet) - 2
    • Fish stock - 10g

    Soften the leaf gelatine and add it to the two purees and fish stock heated to 85°C. Add the mixture to 4 to 5 cm diameter circles. Make a clear jelly made from fish stock to lightly coat the circled mixture

    In this step

    Frozen fruit purées
  2. Crab meat


    • Spider crab (flesh) - 200g
    • Pine nuts - 30g
    • Shallot - 1
    • dried or candied tomatoes - 20g

    Combine the ingredients to make the spider crab meat mixture and garnish the circles with it.

  3. Presentation

    Make sure you remove the circles when the interior is cold. It is recommended to serve a basil-flavoured whipped cream with the circles.

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