Mussel salad with cucumber jelly

Savoury recipe
Peter Coucquyt

Peter Coucquyt

Culinary Director at Foodpairing ®, partner of Sense for taste
  1. Jelly


    • Gelatine (sheet) - 2g
    • Cucumber (puree) - 1 dl

    Soften the gelatine in cold water. Heat part of the cucumber puree to 50°C. Add the gelatine and dissolve. Mix with the rest of the puree. Season to taste. Put 15 ml of cucumber juice into ramequins. Leave to set.

  2. Mussels


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Lime - As required
    • Cooked mussels - 20
    • Olive oil - As required

    Drizzle a little olive oil and lime puree over the mussels. Season.

    In this step

    Frozen fruit purées
  3. White radish


    • White radish - 1
    • Rice vinegar - As required
    • Olive oil - As required

    Peel the white radish and cut into fine slices.

    Marinate quickly in a mixture of olive oil and rice vinegar.

    Season with salt and pepper.

    Make an incision in the slices and roll into cone shapes.

  4. Mariated seaweed


    • Dried seaweed (hijiki) - 5g
    • Soy sauce - 0,4 dl
    • Mirin - 0,4 dl
    • Rice vinegar - 0,3 dl

    Soak the seaweed in water. Mix the rest of the marinade ingredients. Add the soaked seaweed and leave to marinate for at least 3 hours.

  5. Mayonnaise


    • Mayonnaise - 40g
    • Natural yogurt - 20g
    • Chive - As required

    Mix all the ingredients for the mayonnaise.

    Put 5 mussels into each ramequin.

    Add 3 white radish cones.

    Garnish with marinated seaweed and the yoghurt mayonnaise.

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