Local sea bass

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Local sea bass
Florent Gérardin

Florent Gérardin

He started his career in La Rochelle (France) in one of the regional gastronomic references, the Restaurant of Richard & Christopher COUTANCEAU (two Michelin stars since 1986). He also worked for ...
  1. Local sea bass


    • Frozen vegetable purée 100% : Red pepper - 200g
    • Sea bass - 4000g - 5000g
    • Rice flour - 500g
    • Flour - 300g
    • grapeseed oil - 0,300 l
    • Tapioca Maltodextrin - 300g
    • Coffee (beans) - 40g
    • Pineapple (dice) - 100

    Skin, trim and cut sea bass into fillets.
    Marinate with salt and sugar for 2-1/2 hrs.

    Make a frying batter with the puree and flours.
    Vacuum pack the oil and coffee and infuse for 12 hours at 80°C.
    Strain the oil and add the Maltodextrin to absorb all the oil.
    Slice the fish into thick Sashimi slices and use 2 per portion served.
    Deep fry the pineapple in the batter at 180°C until crispy.

    Serve with the Sashimi on top and coated with coffee oil powder.
    Serve in individual sandwich bags.

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