Foie gras with mango coulis and bresaola

Savoury recipe
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  1. Ingredients

    • White Balsamic vinegar - 2g
    • Gelatine (sheet) - 1
    • Gingerbread - 50g
    • Foie gras - 130g
    • Pistachios - 15g
    • Pine nuts - 20g
    • Bresaola - 20g
    Cut the gingerbread into 3 mm slices and arrange it at the bottom of a stainless steel rectangle. Arrange the the half-cooked foie gras in the mould while adding the roasted nuts and kernels and thin slices of bresaola. Slightly heat the mango puree through to add the gelatin sheet and add the balsamic vinegar. Pour the jelly over the mounted cache.

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