Cucumber jelly

Savoury recipe
Florent Gérardin

Florent Gérardin

He started his career in La Rochelle (France) in one of the regional gastronomic references, the Restaurant of Richard & Christopher COUTANCEAU (two Michelin stars since 1986). He also worked for ...
  1. Cucumber jelly


    • Gelatin - 56 g
    • Sugar - 24 g
    • Charcoal powder - QS
    • Leek - 25

    Cut the leek lengthwise then place on a tray in the oven at 230°C until fully black, burn with blow torch to finish mix. Reduce to a powder in food processor then sieve.

    Add pre-soaked gelatine to partially warmed up puree then add to the remaining puree.

    Allow to set, whipped as a meringue and allow to set again.

    Cut into cubes and dip in leek charcoal powder.

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