Cubick of foie gras, watermelon and green melon

Savoury recipe
Lionel Lallement

Lionel Lallement

Chef at Saint Clair Le Traiteur in Paris, Lionel Lallement has been using his talent to combine textures and tastes for 30 years. Son and grandson of bakers and pastry makers, Lionel was the youngest ...
  1. Composition


    • Sandwich bread
    • Softened butter
    • foie gras

    Butter the slices of bread with the softened butter then place between two sheets of plastic film and flatten with a rolling pin to pack down. The bread must be flattened to half its thickness. Cut out small squares and toast them in the oven at 150°C.

  2. Cubes


    • Gelatine leave - 4
    • candied orange - 25 g
    • candied lemon (zest) - 25 g
    • Candied orange or lemon zest - QS
    • Fleur de sel - QS
    • Pepper - QS

    Soften the gelatine in cold water. Chop the candied citrus fruit zest very finely. Heat the watermelon or green melon puree to around 45°C. Add the gelatine followed by the zest. Leave to cool and until just starting to gel like aspic.

  3. Assembling and presentation

    Slice the duck foie gras into 1cm slices. Glaze twice with the jelly in order to obtain a fairly thick layer of aspic. Cut into cubes slightly smaller than the toasted cubes of bread. Place the cubes on each square of bread. Decorate each cubick with candied citrus zest.

    Just before serving, add the fine sea salt and cracked pepper.

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