Foie gras, pear, porcini

Savoury recipe
Aki Wang

Aki Wang

Bartender / Mixologist
Aki has been bartending for more than 14 years and has always been expanding his knowledge in the craft. Now his ambition is to create a bridge between the Asian culture and the international cocktail...
  1. Foie gras mousse


    • Foie gras - 200 g
    • Duck stock - 80 g

    a) Devine the foie gras at room temperature, well seasoned inside and out side the foie

    b) Use Thermomix to blend foie gras at 37°C till smooth

    c) Add in puree and stock, increase temperature to 50'C, on slow speed

    d) Remove and keep in piping bag, rest over night

  2. Porcini confit


    • Mushrooms - 400 g
    • Shallot - 30 g
    • Thyme - 1pc
    • Olive oil - 100 ml
    • Chicken broth - 500 ml

    a) Cut porcini into snall dices, saute golden brown, add in shallot and thyme

    b) Strain the oil and keep aside

    c) Add in stock into porcini mixture, simmer for 1 hour

    d) Strain and keep the porcini stock for chips

    e) Keep the strained porcini and sauteed olive oil together, soak over night

  3. Porcini chips


    • Broth (fungi) - 300 g
    • Corn flour - 25 g
    • Gomme tara - 12 g

    a) Boil the stock, and add in all ingredient, mix well

    b) Let simmer for 10 minutes, keep stirring

    c) Once cool down, spread the mixture onto a silpat thinly

    d) Cook in 140'C oven till crispy

  4. Foie gras croquette


    • Foie gras - 160g/for8pc
    • Potato - 2 pcs

    a) Make a potato stripes by using Japanese jullienne machine

    b) Roll the stripes over foie gras dice till well covered

    c) Fry into fritter till golden brown

  5. Onion compote


    • Onion - 3pc
    • Balsamic vinegar - 30 ml

    a) Cook the onion over very low heat till totally soft and dry

    b) Add in puree and balsamico, and continue to cook till as a compote texture

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