Cold Strawberry Soup, Chopped Egg, Ham, Olive Oil

Savoury recipe
Adam Handling

Adam Handling

Barely 30 years old, Adam Handling had already established himself as one of the UK’s leading chefs. In 2017, his restaurant The Frog E1 was awarded Food and Travel Magazine’s 'London Restaurant of Th...
  1. Strawberry Soup


    • Ambient fruit purée : Strawberry - 500ml
    • White bread (slice) - 7
    • Garlic - 2
    • Sherry vinegar - 70ml
    • Olive oil - 200ml

    Remove the crust from the bread and pour all ingredients into a blender

    Blend until smooth

    Season with a touch of salt

    In this step

    Ambient fruit purées
  2. Garnish


    • Egg (boiled)
    • Dry ham (aged)
    • Olive oil
    • Basil

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