Kalamansi bearnaise sauce

Savoury recipe

Serve with steamed lobster, topped with cocoa nibs and pine sprouts.

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Martín Lippo

Martín Lippo

Chef, Director of Vakuum
Martin Lippo is at the head of Vakuum in Barcelona, a cutting-edge laboratory for experimental cuisine and teaching. He grew up in the strict ambiance of Buenos Aires in the 1970s, rebelling against a...
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    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Kalamansi - 80 g
    • Egg yolk - 180 g
    • Clarified butter - 200 g
    • Salt - 1 g
    • Red chilli (chopped)
    • Coriander

    Prepare a bain marie at 95°C

    Place egg yolks in a metal bowl.

    Place in the bain marie.

    Whisk egg yolks.

    Add butter in a thin stream at 50°C.

    Keep emulsifying.

    Add the juice while whisking.

    Add salt, chili and cilantro to taste.

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