Strips of venison, blueberry and sour cream sauce

Savoury recipe
Manfred Stevens

Manfred Stevens

  1. Ingredients


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Blueberry - 400 g
    • Roe deer meat - 1600 g
    • Salt and pepper - 1 prise
    • Peanut oil - 20 cl
    • sour cream - 150 cl
    • Red wine - 150 cl
    • Butter - 80 g

    Slice the meat into strips

    Warm up the blueberry puree with the red wine and the frozen blueberries

    Whip the sour cream by hand 


    Season the met pan fry with the peanut oil.

    Keep warm

    Gradually incorporate the butter to the sauce and gently add the whipped sour cream.

    Plate the meat and spoon sauce over

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