Roasted and smoked duck breast, risotto with cranberry & morello cherry puree

Savoury recipe
Gerhard Volk

Gerhard Volk

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  1. Roasted and smoked duck breast

  2. Cranberry & Morello cherry risotto


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Cranberry-Morello cherry - 150g
    • Butter - 10g
    • Shallot - 30g
    • Garlic - 5g
    • Arborio rice - 200g
    • Poultry stock - 250 g
    • Red wine - 100g
    • Beetroot juice - 100 g
    • Parmesan - 40 g
    • Butter (diced) - 50 g
    • Salt and pepper - 1 pincée

    • Sweat the shallots and garlic in butter, without browning.

    • Add the stock and the red wine, salt and pepper, and leave to cook for around 6 minutes covered.

    • Bring the beetroot juice and cranberry & Morello cherry puree to the boil; gradually add the rice, stirring regularly.

    • Once all the liquid has evaporated, incorporate the pieces of diced butter and the Parmesan, mixing well until the Parmesan and butter have melted. Salt and pepper and serve immediately.


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  3. Horseradish sauce


    • Crème fraîche - 50g
    • Horseradish - 30g
    • Cream 35% fat - 150g
    • Shallot - 30g
    • Butter - 15g
    • Vermouth white amber - 50g

    • Sweat the shallots in the butter, without browning, deglaze with the Noilly Prat and cook to a syrup. Add the cream and cook the mixture. Add the horseradish and the crème fraîche. Salt and sugar. Mix.

  4. Garnish

    Slices of cooked streaky bacon : 4 slices

    Twigs of thyme


  5. Assembly

    Place risotto on each plate, leaving room for the horseradish sauce to be placed around the outside. Cut the turkey breast into thin slices and lay them on the risotto, garnish with the slices of streaky bacon and a twig of thyme.

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