Pigeon with blackberry jam & gelly

Savoury recipe
Adam Handling

Adam Handling

Barely 30 years old, Adam Handling had already established himself as one of the UK’s leading chefs. In 2017, his restaurant The Frog E1 was awarded Food and Travel Magazine’s 'London Restaurant of Th...
  1. Pigeon


    • Pigeon - 1
    • Butter - 25g
    • Bay leaves - 1
    • Thyme

    Clean up the bird, season all over. Pan fry until golden and then add the butter and herbs.
    Baste and then place in an oven at 160°C for 6 min, remove and rest for 10.
    After resting, re raise to make hot - round 58°C then carve.

  2. Blackberry jelly


    • Agar agar - 3g

    Bring the puree to the boil and add the agar. Pass into a container and let set. Dice and use to plate.

  3. Sour jam puree


    • Vinegar - 110g
    • Sugar - 30g
    • Agar agar - 2,5g

    Bring all ingredients to the boil with 7g of vinegar for 30 seconds. Pass and then blend, adding 40g more vinegar to make sour and blend evenly.

    Keep this simple, carve the bird and place on the left of the plate.
    Add the garnish to the right side, keeping it organic, finish with fresh blackberries and herbs. 

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