Pan fried fillet of young venison, fig and blackberry sauce spiced with star anise and green peppercorn

Savoury recipe
Manfred Stevens

Manfred Stevens

  1. Ingredients


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Blackberry - 400 g
    • Deer fillet - 1600 g
    • Star anise - 1
    • Green pepper - 10 g
    • Figs - 150 g
    • Butter - 60 g
    • Peanut oil - 20 cl
    • Salt - 1 pincée
    • rosemary - 100 cl
    • Green pepper
    • Single cream 35 % - 15 cl


    Portion the venison fillets

    Warm up the blackberry puree with the start anise and let infuse.

    Peel the figs and dice. 


    Season the venison with salt and ground pepper.

    Pan fry to taste with peanut oil. Keep warm.

    Warm up the blackberry sauce and add the diced figs; cook gently for a couple of minutes and incorporate the diced butter gradually.

    Add the green peppercorns and keep warm.

    Arrange the venison fillets on plate or dish and spoon sauce over. Decorate with a little whipped cream and a sprig of rosemary.

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