Chicken, Sweetcorn, Mango Salsa

Savoury recipe
Adam Handling

Adam Handling

Barely 30 years old, Adam Handling had already established himself as one of the UK’s leading chefs. In 2017, his restaurant The Frog E1 was awarded Food and Travel Magazine’s 'London Restaurant of Th...
  1. Chicken


    • Chicken

    Prepare the chicken for roasting

    Roast in the oven for 35mins at 220°C (within 10mins of roasting, brush the skin with mango puree to caramelize)

    After 20mins of cooking, remove from the oven and allow to rest for a further 20mins

    Do not be impatient roasting a chicken!

  2. Sweetcorn

    Use whole fresh corn and roast – do not boil

    Pan fry with a little bit of butter

    Cut and remove from the core

  3. Mango salsa


    • Ambient fruit purée 100% : Mango - 400ml
    • Rice vinegar - 10ml
    • Sugar - 10ml

    Bring to the boil

    Reduce by a third

    Finish with 20g butter

    Add 2tbsp of sweetcorn cornels

    In this step

    Ambient fruit purées
  4. Sauce


    • Chicken broth - 500ml

    Keep simple!

    Boil and reduce with a small bunch of thyme



    Small watercress for pepperiness

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