Tuna tartare on a bed of mustard and iced watermelon infusion

Savoury recipe
Fernando del Cerro

Fernando del Cerro

Fernando del Cerro started in the family restaurant in 1991, the year when the restaurant get its Michelin star. The young Chef then worked at the Hotel Palace in Madrid and in San Sebastian. He quick...


    • Oil - 150 g
    • Chive
    • Capers - finely chopped
    • Pickles
    • Salted anchovies - finely sliced
    • Chive - 250 g

    Chop the chives very finely and marinate in the oil, once marinated, blend until you obtain a thick, concentrated oil.

    Just before serving, mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.



    • Seeded mustard - 100 g
    • Water - 50 g
    • Cocoa butter - QS

    Mix all the ingredients well together except the Mycryo®. Spread both sides on baking paper to prevent the mustard from blackening and to dry evenly. Bake at 150°C for 20 minutes. You can also use a dehydrator. When crisp and dry, remove from the oven and cool at room temperature Sieve finely and set aside in a dry place. Finally mix the dry mustard and Mycryo® (proportion 2/3 - 1/3). Set aside in a dry place.



    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Watermelon - 100 g
    • Water - 108 g
    • Dextrose - 40 g
    • Stabilizer - 2 g
    • Salt and pepper - 1 g

    Mix all the ingredients together. Heat to 45°C, let the mixture cool to room temperature then freeze to process in the PacoJet®.

    In this step


    Brush a long shape on part of the plate using the mustard, place a large quenelle of tartare on the other side and place a small quenelle of iced watermelon infusion on top of the mustard. To finish, you can sprinkle a few grains of mustard over the tartare.

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