Mullet fillets – yellow pepper sauce

Savoury recipe
Thony Billon

Thony Billon

Chef Hôtel Restaurant Verte Vallée - Munster, France
  1. Sauce


    • Olive oil - 10g
    • Coriander

    Blend all ingredients together and mix, then sieve and season according to taste.

  2. Puree


    • Zucchini - 1

    Cut the zucchini into pieces and cook in salted water. Cool and blend into puree. Season to taste.

  3. Fish


    • Fillet of red mullet - 4

    Season the fillets and fry in hot olive oil.
    Put some of the courgette purée on a plate. Arrange the potatoes and fish. Top with sauce.

  4. Potato


    • Potato - 2
    • Sage
    • Melted butter

    Cover the potatoes with the melted butter. Add some sage. Cook in a preheated oven at 95°C. Season to taste.

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