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Savoury recipe
Marie Fourmont

Marie Fourmont

“I’ve always wanted to do lots of things. I didn’t know what to choose!” Marie is incredibly inquisitive. She wants to understand, know and experiment with everything. So, what job should she choose? ...
  1. Pumpkin mousse


    • Frozen speciality : Ginger - 10 g
    • Fresh liquid cream - 3cl
    • Potimarron - 350g
    • Gelatin - 26g
    • Ginger - 10g

    Dice the pumpkin.
    Cook in the steam oven for 15 minutes, then strain.
    Soften the gelatine, add to the warm pumpkin and add the Ginger speciality.
    Whip the cream and fold in.

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    Frozen fruit purées
  2. Smoked haddock rillettes insert


    • Milk - 51cl
    • Paris mushrooms - 100g
    • Mustard
    • Horseradish
    • Shallot - 25g
    • Chive
    • Fresh liquid cream - 1,5cl
    • Fillet of haddock - 200 g

    Pouch the fillets in half milk-half water, remove the skin and chop the flesh.
    Finely chop mushrooms into a “duxelles”, add the smoked haddock with some whipped cream, the mustard and horseradish.
    Form a cylindrical insert in plastic film, freeze.

  3. Sponge


    • Chopped walnuts - 30g
    • Chestnut flour - 150g
    • Olive oil - 1cl
    • Sugar - 120g
    • Salt - 10g
    • Egg - 4

    Mix the chestnut flour, chopped walnuts, eggs, sugar, olive oil, salt.
    Pour the preparation onto a sheet and bake for 3 to 5 minutes.
    Cut into a rectangular shape.
    Set aside.

  4. Icing


    • Frozen vegetable purée 100% : Red pepper - 50 g
    • Gelatin - 13g
    • Pepper - 850 g

    Dilute ladles of 2 red pepper puree with 6 ladles of hot water.
    Soften the gelatine and dilute in the hot preparation.

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  5. Sauce


    • Peas - 350 g

    Boil the peas, blend and strain.

  6. Mini sponge cake


    • Flour - 20g
    • green coloring
    • Egg - 4
    • Sugar

    Mix the eggs, sugar, flour.
    Strain. Add the green colouring.
    Pour into the siphon and fill a notched plastic cup to 1/3, leave to rest.
    Cook in the microwave at the last minute.

  7. Assembly and presentation

    Fill half of the gutter with the pumpkin foam, then position the smoked haddock rillettes insert and cover with the mousse.
    Place the sponge on top.
    Freeze, ice the log, freeze, decorate with mushrooms, radishes and the mini sponge cake. Decorate with drops of coulis.

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