Vacherin-style lemon planet

Pastry recipe
Jean-Christophe JEANSON

Jean-Christophe JEANSON

Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef - Ecole Lenôtre
  1. Meringue


    • Egg white - 100g
    • Icing sugar - 100g
    • Caster sugar - 100g

    Whisk the egg whites with the caster sugar until very firm then fold in the sifted icing sugar with a spatula.
    With a 6/8 mm nozzle, pipe out 20 spiral shapes onto a flexipan dome (6 cm in diameter).
    Sprinkle with crystal sugar.
    Bake in the oven for 1 1/2 hours at 90°C.
    Cool and turn out very carefully.
    Fill with sorbet and smooth it flush to the edges.
    Make a hole in which to insert a straw.
    Assemble in pairs.

  2. Lemon sorbet (60g per dome)


    • Caster sugar - 180g
    • Glucose powder - 100g
    • skim milk (powder) - 15g
    • Stabilizer - 4g
    • Mineral water - 400g
    • Lemon (juice) - 300g

    Mix the dry ingredients together.
    Heat the water to 40 °C.
    Add the dry ingredients and heat to 85 °C.
    Cool to 25 °C and stir in the lemon juice.
    Leave 4 to 6 hours to mature.
    Mix and churn.
    Then fill the two meringue hemispheres with 60g of sorbet each.
    Smooth flush to the edges.

  3. Lemon cream


    • Lemon (juice) - 50g
    • Caster sugar - 70g
    • Gelatine (sheet) - 1
    • Egg - 60g
    • Butter - 60g

    Wash and grate the lemon peel as finely as possible over the sugar (to block the taste).
    Put the gelatine sheets in cold water.
    Mix the egg with the lemon juice then add the pressed and melted gelatine.
    Whisk and pour in the sugar and the lemon peel.
    Cook at 89 °C while stirring with a whisk.
    Off the heat, use a hand blender to smooth the cream.  
    Place in a cold water bath and cool to 40 °C.
    Gradually add the butter and mix using a hand blender. 

  4. Half moon of filo pastry


    • phyllo - 4
    • Butter - 150g
    • Caster sugar - 100g

    Melt the butter, place a filo sheet on a baking tray, brush with hot melted butter, sprinkle with caster sugar, repeat with the other sheets and overlay them.
    Cut twenty half-moons with an 8 cm diameter pastry cutter.
    Bake for 13 min at 170 °C between 2 baking sheets.

  5. Finishing


    • Limoncello - 25g
    • Lemon crémeux - 20g

    Pour the Limoncello liqueur into the glass.
    Assemble the two frozen meringue hemispheres with the Les vergers Boiron semi-candied lemon.
    Then insert the straw through the domes until they dip into the Limoncello.
    Pipe out 20 g of lemon cream onto the 10 half-moons and cover the 10 others.
    Place on the foot of the glass.
    Finish with a touch of gold.

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