Sea buckthorn flower

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Grégory DOYEN

Grégory DOYEN

Pastry chef
Grégory Doyen, a graduate of the ENSP, heads up GD Sweet Concept, an international consulting and training firm. In 2020, he became a Les vergers Boiron Consultant.   Grégory Doyen, 36 year...
  1. Sea Buckthorn candied


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Seabuckthorn - 400g
    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Apricot - 150g
    • Caster sugar - 350g
    • Glucose syrup - 80g
    • trimoline - 25g
    • Pectin NH - 8g
    • Cognac - 15g

    Use purees in the liquid state and not frozen. Dry blending 50% of caster sugar with pectin NH. Heat the purees to 50°C and then add the pectin mixture NH and caster sugar. Heat the mixture and add the remaining caster sugar, glucose and trimoline. Bring the mix to a boil, blend and put in a tray at room temperature. When the mixture is cold and gel, mix delicately with cognac and use the pastry bag for molding.

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  2. Almond praline ganache


    • cream 35% - 320g
    • Couverture 33,5 % - 385g
    • trimoline - 35g
    • Cocoa butter - (60%) - 70g
    • Pure almond praline - 295g
    • Butter 99,8 % fat - 35g

    Heat the cream and trimoline to 80°C, emulsify the mixture on the couverture, cocoa butter and almond praline. Mix in a blender. When the temperature is 38°C, add the butter and emulsify again. Film the ganache with plastic film in contact with the ganache and let 6h to crystallize minimum + 14°C before molding.

  3. Spraying of Cocoa butter


    • Cocoa butter - 100g
    • Yellow color (fat soluble) - 10g
    • Cocoa butter - 100g
    • Fat soluble orange colouring - 10g
    • Cocoa butter - 100g
    • Black liposoluble - 8g

    Melt the cocoa butter to 45°C and then divided into three parts. Add the liposoluble coloring in each cocoa butter and blend. Temper the masses before spraying. Once the spraying performed. Mold with tempered couverture.
    Mold the candied sea buckthorn. Spray the top of cocoa butter to protect the candied sea buckthorn. Once crystallized cocoa butter, mold almond praline ganache.

    Let crystallize slightly and close sweets with the couverture. Let crystallize then unmold and reserve in positive or negative position according to your method of production. If you want to decorate your sweet, use 35% almond paste, spread thinly, lightly caramelize with a torch and spray a mixture of 70 g of alcohol at 90°C and 12 g of sparkle powder. Arrange this little decoration on top of your candy.

  4. Composition


    • Couverture 33,5 % - 2g
    • Cocoa butter - (spraying) - 0,5g
    • Sea Buckthorn candied - 3g
    • Almond praline ganache - 6g
  5. Decoration


    • Almond paste - 1g
    • yellow cocoa butter - 1p
    • Powder or sparkle - 1p
    • Alcohol 90° - 1g
    • Orange cocoa butter - 1p
    • Dark cocoa butter - 2p

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