Molded black cherry meringue

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Martin Lippo, Chef at Vakuum and Nitroschool in Barcelona proposes innovative techniques based on fruit purées Les vergers Boiron.

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Martín Lippo

Martín Lippo

Chef, Director of Vakuum
Martin Lippo is at the head of Vakuum in Barcelona, a cutting-edge laboratory for experimental cuisine and teaching. He grew up in the strict ambiance of Buenos Aires in the 1970s, rebelling against a...
  1. Molded black cherry meringue


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Black cherry - 450g
    • Albumin - 20g
    • Sugar - 40g

    Mix the ingredients all together in a mixing bowl.

    Beat the egg whites.

    Fill a piping bag.

    Chill a cookie stamp using liquid nitrogen.

    Pipe the meringue into rounds onto a dehydrator Teflon sheet

    Flatten it with the frozen cookie stamp for shaping

    Dehydrate at 55°C for 24hs

    Keep in dehydrator or in dry cupboard until use.

    Serve with crème fraîche, cherry, horseradish and chives

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