Mignardises choco-mandarine

Pastry recipe

Servings : 12 petits fours

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Mignardises choco-mandarine
Sonia Haumonté

Sonia Haumonté

Pastry Chef and owner of Patisserie Vaniyé in Parnell, New Zealand and Brand Ambassador Les vergers Boiron
Sonia Haumonté was born to restaurateur parents. As a teen, she worked in the family business where she was taught that “washing glasses properly is as important as cooking itself”.  Her passion ...
  1. Chocolate wafer dome


    • Milk chocolate - 60g
    • Almond hazelnut praline 50% - 10g
    • Crushed grilled hazelnuts - 10g
    • Feuilletine - 70g

    Melt chocolate, add praline, chopped hazelnut and feuilletine.

    Carefully fold the mixture together then spoon into mini demi-sphere silicone moulds.

    Leave to set then unmould.

  2. Chocolate mandarin cremeux


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Mandarin - 60g
    • Egg yolk - 1
    • Sugar - 10g
    • Butter - 50g
    • Dark chocolate 70 % - 60g

    Bring mandarin puree and butter to a boil.

    Cream yolk and sugar then pour in the heated mixture and return to heat, stopping at 84°C.

    Take off heat and pour over chocolates.

    Stir gently until smooth.

    Leave to cool.

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  3. Assembling and decoration

    Cut out tempered dark chocolate into small discs.

    Stick the chocolate discs onto the wafer domes and pipe the chocolate mandarine cremeux on top.

    Garnish with candied mandarin and gold flakes.

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