Citrus macaroon

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Arnaud Cadoret

Arnaud Cadoret

Currently consultant in Asia, French Chef Arnaud CADORET has been working in Seoul since 2011, as a Pastry Chef at “pâtisserie Amandier”, then as R&D director in Pastry and Chocolate for Korean gr...
  1. Macaroon shells


    • Egg white - 160g
    • Orange coloring - As required
    • Caster sugar - 80g
    • Cream of tartar - 1g
    • Icing sugar - 240g
    • Almond powder - 160g

    Whisk the egg white with the colour, the caster sugar and the tartar cream in medium speed. 

    In the same time, grind the icing sugar and almond powder together in a food processor, and then sift the mix.

    With the paddle attachment, stir the dried ingredients in the whisked egg white in two times, until the good texture.

    Pipe out, and bake the macaroons in a convection oven at 140°C for around 15 minutes. 

  2. Praliné cream


    • Whole milk - 330g
    • Caster sugar - 33g
    • Corn starch - 33g
    • Egg yolk - 60g
    • Vanilla pod - 1/2 pcs
    • Praline 50% - 110g
    • Softened butter - 165g

    Make a pastry cream with the ingredient above, except the praliné and butter.

    Leave to cool at 4°C. 

    Smooth the pastry cream.

    Mix the praliné and the butter together with the paddle attachment.

    Little by little, add the smoothed pastry cream in the previous mix. 

  3. Citrus fruit cocktail jelly


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Citrus fruit cocktail with Cointreau© - 500g
    • Invert sugar - 100g
    • Mass gelatin - 48g

    Mix the inverted sugar with the citrus fruits cocktail.

    Melt the gelatin mix, and add gradually the citrus fruits cocktail.

    Pour into rings.

    Place in a blast freezer overnight. 

    In this step

  4. Decoration

    • Fresh peeled orange segment
    • Dark chocolate
    • Golden leaves

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