Mandamaca iced dessert

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MOF Pâtissier Confiseur

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  1. Mandamaca iced dessert


    • Sacher sponge - 1600g
    • Mandarin sorbet 63 % - 2400g
    • frozen mousse hazelnut praline 55% - 480g
    • Dark Chocolate 62% - 2000g
    • Sable pressed hazelnut biskélia - 300g
    • Spraying mixture - 1
    • Mandarin spraying glaze - 1
    • semi-candied orange - 900g


    Mix the semi-candied orange to obtain a paste. Spread 200 g of semi-candied orange paste on each strip of Sacher sponge, freeze. Churn the mandarin sorbet and pipe out around 500 g of sorbet onto the Sacher sponge over a width of 7 cm. Place in the freezer for 2 minutes then work the surface of the sorbet with a spoon to create cavities, freeze. Make the iced praline mousse and pour approximately 120 g into the cavities made in the sorbet and then add 75 g of pressed shortbread, freeze. Churn the Macae milk ice cream, pipe it out over the sorbet insert, freeze for 2 minutes then work the surface of the dessert with a spoon to create cavities, freeze. Remove the frame, then spray with dark chocolate flocking to obtain a velvet effect. Pipe out the mandarin sorbet in the cavities. Warm the special ice cream topping to 25°C and spray the dessert again.
    Temper the dark chocolate couverture and spread between two acetate sheets. Before complete crystallisation, cut out wave shapes and shape them in a gutter, leave them to crystallise. 
    Place the chocolate waves on the dessert and a few cubes of semi-candied orange.
  2. Coeur De Guanaja chocolate Sacher sponge (1 600 g)


    • Almond paste 50% - 434,1 g
    • Sugar - 131,2 g
    • Egg yolk - 212g
    • Egg - 151,4g
    • Egg white - 252,4g
    • Sugar - 131,2g
    • Flour T45 - 100,9g
    • Dark Chocolate 80% - 100,9g
    • Melted butter - 85,8g

    Mix the almond paste with the first part of the sugar, then add the yolks and whole eggs one by one, beat until a ribbon is formed. Whisk the egg whites, gradually adding the remaining sugar; sift the flour and at the same time, melt the Coeur Guanaja chocolate and butter. Mix a small portion of the whites with the melted chocolate and butter in order to obtain a smooth and light texture. Add the dough of almond paste, egg and egg yolk mixture. Add the flour and finish with the remaining egg whites. Baking: Bake in a tin, circle or tray at 180-200°C, key closed. (A sheet weighs 600 to 1000 g). 

  3. Mandarin Sorbet 63% (2 400 g)


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Mandarin - 1,486kg
    • Caster sugar - 453,3g
    • Glucose powder - 148,6g
    • Water - 260,1 g
    • Sorbet stabiliser - 7,4g
    • skim milk (powder) - 44,6 g

    Heat the water to 40°C. Add the sugars and the stabiliser. Bring it all to the boil. Cool rapidly to 10°C. Leave to mature in the refrigerator overnight. Add the thawed mandarin puree (unheated) to the syrup, mix everything together and churn.

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  4. Praline Fruit Hazelnut iced mousse 55% (480 g)


    • Whole milk - 59,4g
    • Hazelnut praline - 166,3 g
    • Egg white - 42,8 g
    • Single cream 35 % - 166,3g

    Heat the milk and slowly add to emulsify the praline. The mixture separates rapidly early on. Add the rest of the milk to gradually obtain a very elastic and glossy texture, the sign of a successful emulsion. Blend to finish the emulsion. At the same time, make a Swiss meringue. Warm the egg whites and sugar in the bain-marie to 65°C. Keep whisking until cool. Add a small part of the praline-milk texture into the meringue to soften it. Finish by adding the rest of the praline milk mixture and whipped cream with a spatula. Mould and freeze immediately.

  5. Macaé Essentiels de la Glace milk ice cream (2 000 g)


    • Whole milk - 1 290g
    • Single cream 35 % - 10g
    • skim milk (powder) - 72g
    • Caster sugar - 80g
    • Glucose powder - 120g
    • Invert sugar - 80g
    • Stabilizer - 8g
    • Dark chocolate couverture 62% - 340g

    Precisely weigh all the ingredients. In the right order, pour the water or milk into the cooking appliance (saucepan or pasteuriser). At 25°C, add the powdered milk. At 30°C, add the sugars (sugar, atomised glucose and invert sugar). At 40°C, add the fats: cream and chocolates. At 45°C, finish adding the ingredients by adding the stabilising/emulsifying mixture together with part of the initial sugar (about 10%). Pasteurise it all at 85°C for 2 minutes and then rapidly cool the mixture at 4°C. If possible homogenise the mixture to burst the fat crystals as finely as possible. Leave the mixture to mature for at least 12 hours. Mix and churn between – 6 and -10°C. Store in the freezer at -18°C

  6. Hazelnut Biskélia pressed shortbread (300 g)


    • Hazelnut streuzel - 225,6 g
    • Milk chocolate 33% - 56,4 g
    • Hazelnut praline - 18 g

    Once the streuzel is cooked and cooled, weigh it and crush slightly. Mix it with the melted couverture and press immediately without excessively crushing. Keep in the refrigerator.

  7. Pailleté feuilletine hazelnut streuzel (225.6 g)


    • Butter 82% fat - 57,9 g
    • Brown sugar - 57,9 g
    • Flour T55 - 21,7 g
    • Hazelnut - 43,4g
    • Salt - 0,5g
    • Vanilla pods - 0,2
    • Feuilletine - 43,4g

    Roast the hazelnuts in an oven at 150°C for about 10 minutes. Coarsely chop the cooled hazelnuts. Cut the cold butter into small cubes and then, in the stand mixer, using the blade attachment, mix with the brown sugar and flour until a paste is obtained. Then add the chopped nuts, the pailleté feuilletine, salt and scraped vanilla pods, mix briefly making sure not to crumble it too much. Keep in the refrigerator or freezer until baking. Bake at 150°C, key open, to obtain an amber colour

  8. Macae spray-on mixture


    • Cocoa butter - 300g
    • Dark chocolate couverture 62% - 700g

    Melt all ingredients and spray at a temperature of 40/45°C

  9. Mandarin spray-on cold glazing


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Mandarin - 80 g
    • Neutral glaze - 600g
    • Dextrose - 120g
    • Glucose DE 60 - 40g
    • Water - 40g

    Mix the water, mandarin puree, dextrose and glucose DE60 and bring to the boil. Pour over the Absolu Cristal topping, blend. Use the spray-on glazing at a temperature between 25°C and 30°C.

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