Lemon & beetroot ricotta

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For 4 portions

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Lemon & beetroot ricotta
Peter Coucquyt

Peter Coucquyt

Culinary Director at Foodpairing ®, partner of Sense for taste
  1. Candied lemon granité


    • Water - 120g
    • Simple syrup - 60g
    • Gelatin - 2g
    • Lemon semi-candied sticks - 120g

    Add the liquefied gelatine and heat the water with it.

    Mix in the remaining ingredients.

    Pour into a bowl and freeze.

    Scrape with a fork until granita.

  2. Chocolate sauce


    • Milk - 120g
    • Chocolate - 65g
    • Crème fraîche - 25g
    • Butter - 25g
    • Milk - 15g

    Mix the 125g of milk with the chocolate and let reduce by half.

    Add the cream, butter and the remaining milk.

  3. Beetroot chips


    • Simple syrup - 60g
    • Water - 60g
    • Maizena® - 8g
    • Beetroot puree - 100g

    Mix all ingredients.

    Bring to a boil.

    Allow to cool.

    Smear in the desired shape, and dry at 70 ° C.

  4. Candied lemon cream


    • Water - 80g
    • Butter - 20g
    • White chocolate - 20g

    Mix the water with the semi-candied lemon.

    Cook the lemon pieces.

    Pour onto the white chocolate and mix finely.

    Allow to cool to 37 ° C.

    Mix with the butter.

  5. Chocolate Crumble


    • Flour - 85g
    • Sugar - 62g
    • Cocoa (powder) - 12,5g
    • Butter - 62g

    Mix all the ingredients to a fine crumble dough.

    Bake in a preheated oven at 90 °C during 10-15 min.

    Leave to cool.

  6. Ricotta


    • Ricotta - 200g
    • Basil - QS
    • Lemon semi-candied sticks - 5g

    Mix all ingredients.

  7. Assembly

    Draw a line of chocolate sauce.

    Lay some chocolate crumble along.

    Scoop some ricotta along.

    Put beetroot chips in.

    Finish with the cream of candied lemon and granita.

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