Le Coeur Saint-Honoré

Pastry recipe

Raspberry cremeux, Cherry griotte Jam, Vanilla cream choux And Puff pastry .

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Le Coeur Saint-Honoré
Julien Perrinet

Julien Perrinet

Pastry Chef
Executive Pastry and Baking Chef, Grand Hyatt in Taipei & Les vergers Boiron Brand Ambassador   Born in the Brittany region of France in 1982, Julien Perrinet began as
a young apprentic...


    • Flour T55 - 1000g
    • Fine salt - 20g
    • Butter - 200g
    • Water - 380g
    • Vinegar - 30g
    • Butter - 800g

    Mix flour, salt, butter, water and vinegar low speed in mixer to obtain the base dough.

    Once you obtain the dough, roll it as a cross shape, place the butter (sqaure shape, 1 cm high).

    Cover the butter with the dough and, using the dough sheeter give  folds.  (1 simple and 2 double)

    Allow the dough to rest in chiller  for 1-1h30.

    Once the dough is ready, cut the base with an heart shape ring, thickness is 0,2cm.

    Keep frozen and then pipe the pate a choux on the side of the heart, following properly the shape,  using a piping tube diameter 2cm.


    Make some small holes on the base before baking (185°C / 18-20 minutes)

  2. Pâte à choux


    • Semi-skimmed milk - 500g
    • Water - 500g
    • Butter - 500g
    • Sea salt - 8g
    • Sugar - 10g
    • Bourbon Vanilla (pod) - 1
    • Flour T55 - 500g
    • Egg - +/- 1000g (check texture)

    Boil Milk, water, butter, salt and sugar.

    Once boilling, add the flour and mix well until obtaining an homegene dough. Poor this dough into mixing bowl, using the paddle, mix it well 2 minutes to removed all the “smoke”.

    Add the eggs mix with the vanilla in several time until have the perfect consitency.

    Pipe on the frozen puff pastry and keep in freezer.

    Baking process: 185°C (18-20mins)



  3. Frangipane cream


    • Frozen fruits IQF : Williamette raspberry - 25g
    • Almond cream - 800g
    • Vanilla Custard - 200g
    • Amaretto - 20g

    Mix weel almond cream abd pastry cream, add the alcohol and pipe in the middle of the heart. Add the IQF raspberry in pieces in the middle.

    In this step

    Frozen whole fruit and pieces IQF
  4. Raspberry cream


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Raspberry - 550g
    • Semi-skimmed milk - 125g
    • Egg yolk - 157g
    • Sugar - 115g
    • Corn flour - 55g
    • Butter - 75g
    • Gelatin - 6g
    • Whipped cream - 150g

    Boil Milk and puree, mix well egg yolk, sugar and corn flour, add the boiling milk and puree and cook like a pasty cream.


    Once obtain the cream, out of fire, add gelatin. Allow to cold down until 55°C and then add slowly the butter in using a hand blender. Leave the cream in chiller (always do it the day before).


    Just before using, add 150g of whipped cream in this cream and pipe.

    In this step

  5. Cranberry - Morello cherry jam


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Cranberry-Morello cherry - 350g
    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Strawberry - 150g
    • Sugar - 25g
    • Pectin NH - 8g

    Boil puree, mix well sugar and NH pectin together. Add the mix in the warm puree and mix well until 103°C. keep in chiller. Use hand blender before using.

    In this step

  6. Vanilla cremeux


    • Semi-skimmed milk - 220g
    • UHT cream 35% fat - 220g
    • Egg yolk - 140g
    • Sugar - 45g
    • Vanilla pod - 1 pcs
    • White chocolate - 220g
    • Gelatin - 5g

    Boil milk and cream. Mix well egg yolk, sugar and vanilla.

    Cook like pastry cream.

    Add the gelatin in the mix then pour on the white chocolate.

    Blend well with hand blender.

    Prepare the recipe one day in advance.

  7. Glaze for the choux


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added: Blackcurrant - 350g
    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Raspberry - 150g
    • Sugar - 1000g
    • Water - 250g (cook at 121°C)
    • UHT cream 35% fat - 800g
    • Glucose - 400g (Boil and pour 121°C sugar on)
    • Condensed milk - 250g
    • Neutral glaze - 175g
    • red coloring - 1g
    • Gelatin - 50g (add at 60°C)

    tips: Cover choux with a thin layer of marzipan cut in round to have a smooth surface for the glaze

    Cook  Sugar and water until 121°C.

    Boil the cream, blackcurrant puree and glucose.

    Pour the sugar syrop on the the cream-puree-glucose mix, and mix well.

    Then add with the hand blender,  the condensed milk, the glaze and the red coloring (until color is ok).

    Add the gelatin at the end when the mix reach +/- 60°C

    Keep in chiller with cling wrap at the contact.

    Temperature for usage: 24°C

    In this step

    Assembly and finishing

    Glaze for the choux

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