Exotic Red Fruits Entremets

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Lloyd Hamon

Lloyd Hamon

Pastry Chef
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  1. Red Berries Sponge


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Red Fruits - 95g
    • Egg yolk - 150g
    • Sugar - 190g
    • Salt - 4g
    • Oil - 120g
    • Flour T45 - 300g
    • Chemical yeast - 7g
    • Egg white - 300g
    • Sugar - 190g
    • Cream of tartar - 2g

    In the mixer bowl, mix egg yolk, sugar and salt until white texture.

    Add puree during mixing, then oil.

    Whip egg white with cream of tartar. Add sugar in two times and whip it stronger.

    Sift flour and baking powder and add it to the first mixture with spatula.

    Add egg white.

    Cook at 180ºC about 15minutes.

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  2. Exotic Cream


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Mango - 150g
    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Passion fruit - 25g
    • Frozen fruit purée : Banana - 90g
    • Invert sugar - 35g
    • Sugar - 35g
    • Egg - 100g
    • Egg yolk - 75g
    • Gelatin - 63g
    • Cocoa butter - 85g

    Mix egg yolk, eggs, sugar and invert sugar.

    Add defrost purees.

    Heat to 85ºC.

    Add gelatin then cocoa butter. Mix with blender.

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    Banane sans marquants 697x697 150dpi (002)
    Frozen fruit purées
  3. Raspberry Jelly


    • Frozen fruits IQF : Williamette raspberry - 315g
    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Raspberry - 645g
    • Invert sugar - 195g
    • Sugar - 60g
    • Pectin NH - 22g
    • Gelatin - 92g
    • Lemon juice - 15g

    Boil 2-3 minutes sugar, IQF raspberry, puree and sugar/pectin mix.

    Add gelatin mixture.

    Keep for later use.

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    Frozen whole fruit and pieces IQF
  4. Assembly

    Cut the sponge as big as the frame. Pour some raspberry jelly in the bottom then add one layer sponge.

    Add exotic cream, then one more layer of sponge.

    Keep in fridge.

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