Cereals & fruits bread

Pastry recipe
Damien Baccon

Damien Baccon

International Bakery Consultant-Instructor
Awarded the Silver medal for the creation of an "artistic bread piece" at the 2009 ‘Top Chef Events’ competition, which was organized by the ‘Saudi Arabian Chefs Association’, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  1. Mix fruits & seeds


    • Flour - 1kg
    • Salt - 25g
    • Yeast - 15g
    • Water - 700g
    • Softened butter - 50g
    • Sesame seeds - 100g
    • Sunflower (seeds) - 40g
    • Water - 140g

    Preparation: Do the fruits and seed’s mix the day before (with the 140g of water).
    Basic temperature: 65°C.
    Incorporation: Put all the ingredients into the bowl except the butter & the mix of fruits & seeds.
    Kneading: About 3 min on 1st speed + 5 min on 2nd speed with the butter.
    Incorporation: Add the mix of fruits & seeds and mix for 3 min on 2nd speed.
    Dough temperature: 24°C.
    1st fermentation: 45min – 1h.
    Pre-shape: Degases and fold the dough covered into a linen (tight enough).
    Waiting time: 15 min.
    Shape: With your chef’s knife divide a triangular shape.
    Scored part have to be flipped on the couches and flour. Make sure to close perfectly the top.
    2nd fermentation: +/- 45min to 1h.
    Steam: Yes.
    Temperature & Baking time: 235°C for 25min (open the damper at the end).

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