Blueberry brioche

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Guillaume Marchand

Guillaume Marchand

Pastry Chef
Hailing from France, head pastry chef at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Guillaume Marchand is a true Ritz-Carlton veteran with almost ten years of luxury hospitality exp...
  1. Brioche


    • Flour - 500g
    • Dry yeast - 8g
    • Salt - 8g
    • Sugar - 75g
    • skim milk (powder) - 25g
    • Egg - 125g
    • Milk - 50g
    • Whipped cream - 50g
    • Butter - 50g

    Put all the dry items together.
    Add the milk, eggs and cream.
    Once the dough obtains the right texture, the cold sliced butter can be added.
    Mix until the dough doesn’t stick anymore to the mixing bowl (high speed).
    Dough temperature / 23-24°C.
    Block the dough overnight into the fridge.
    Break a bit the texture of the dough and divide into portions of 80 g.
    Proving time : 90 minutes.
    Egg wash preferred.
    Baking temp/time 180°C/35 min. First 5 min. Open valve.

  2. Blueberry cream


    • Milk - 500g
    • Whipped cream - 250g
    • Vanilla pods - 1
    • Egg - 150g
    • Sugar - 230g
    • Cornstarch - 80g

    Proceed as pastry cream recipe. 

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