Bergamot tart

Pastry recipe

Recipe for 2x22cm Tarts or 16x9 cm Tartlets

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Bergamot tart
Pierre Lingelser

Pierre Lingelser

Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef since 1996 at Hôtel Traube Tonbach and its gastronomic restaurant “Schwarzwaldstube” in Germany (3 Macaroons at Michelin Guide), he is also the author of “Feines aus meiner Patisserie“. He...
  1. Sweet pastry


    • Softened butter - 125g
    • Icing sugar - 85g
    • Salt - 1g
    • Vanilla sugar - 3g
    • Egg - 50g
    • Almond powder - 25g
    • Flour - 200g
    • Starch - 15g
    • Pastry cream powder - 15g

    Beat the butter, icing sugar, salt and vanilla in the processor.
    Add the sieved flour and corn flour and custard powder.
    Then add the eggs and powdered almonds to create an even dough.
    Film and place in the refrigerator at +4°C.
    Roll out into tart circles, 2 cm thick.

  2. Almond cream


    • Frozen fruits IQF : Williamette raspberry
    • Softened butter - 200g
    • Lemon (zest and juice) - 1
    • TPT sugar / almond - 400g
    • Egg - 100g

    50g IQF Raspberry per tartlet diam. 9cm 

    200g IQF Raspberry per tart diam. 22cm 


    Beat the butter, lemon peel and juice in the processor, add half of the half ground almond/half icing sugar mixture, then the eggs and the rest of the half ground almond/half icing sugar mixture without letting the mixture foam.
    Pour the mixture into tart (200g diameter 22cm) or tartlet (50g diameter 9cm) moulds.
    Garnish with IQF raspberries then bake in a ventilated oven at 180°C for around 15 minutes for the tartlets and 18 minutes for the tarts.
    To obtain a flat top on the tart.
    Leave the tarts to cool in the circles by turning them out onto a sheet of baking paper.

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    Frozen whole fruit and pieces IQF
  3. Almond milk cream


    • Almond paste - 100g
    • Milk - 125g
    • Gelatin - 6g
    • Orgeat syrup - 100g
    • Whipped cream - 250g

    Soak the gelatine in cold water.
    Bring the milk to the boil, add the marzipan cut into small pieces, blend together.
    Drain the gelatine, melt in the marzipan milk.
    Add the barley water.
    Cool 30°C then add the whipped cream.
    Pour out in to 18 cm or 8 cm Flexipan shapes up to about 6 mm high.

  4. Bergamot and jasmine cream


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Bergamot - 200g
    • Jasmine tea - 6g
    • Egg yolk - 60g
    • Egg - 100g
    • Sugar - 70g
    • Gelatin - 2g
    • Butter - 80g

    Bring the bergamot juice to the boil, add the jasmine tea, leave to brew for 3 minutes.
    Soak the gelatine in cold water.
    Strain the tea and weigh out 150g, add the eggs, egg yolks and sugar and bring to the boil over gentle heat.
    Add the drained gelatine, then the butter in pieces in the mixer.
    Pour the cream into 23 and 28 mm Flexipan spheres.


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  5. Bergamot marshmallow with basil


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Bergamot - 200g
    • Water - 150g
    • Basil - 30g
    • Sugar - 300g
    • Invert sugar - 225g
    • Gelatin - 19g
    • Basil juice - 100g

    For the basil juice :
    Cover the basil leaves with water, bring to the boil. Blend, strain through a napkin and collect 100g of basil juice.

    For the marshmallows :
    Soak the gelatine in cold water.
    Bring the sugar, bergamot juice and inverted sugar to the boil.
    Drain the gelatine and weigh 154g of gelatine mass, melt in the hot syrup, add the basil juice.
    Beat the mixture over ice, then pour the marshmallow into a 20x58cm frame, smooth then freeze.
    Once cooled, cut into 2cm marshmallow cubes, roll in icing sugar.

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  6. Assembly

    Place a disk of the almond milk cream on the raspberry tart.
    Place the half-spheres of bergamot cream on the cream disk.
    Pipe a meringue border and fire with a blow torch.
    Garnish the top of the tart with marshmallow cubes, raspberries and fried basil leaves or crystallised jasmine leaves.

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