Syracuse Lemon Pavlova

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Romain Gourseau

Romain Gourseau

Young culinary influencer
Romain Gourseau has just turned 16 and is currently in his second year studying Baking and Pastry Arts at the Lycée Hôtelier de Saint Chamond (inthe French department of Loire).   He has done ...
  1. Meringue


    • Egg white - 100g
    • Sugar - 200g

    In a mixing bowl, put the egg whites and whisk at high speed, when the egg whites start to get foamy, add the sugar gradually. 

    Keep mixing until totally smooth.

    Pipe and bake between 1h30 and 2h at 60°-80°C.

  2. Vanilla whipped cream


    • Full cream - 200g
    • Sugar - 20g
    • Vanilla - QS

    Whisk the sugar with the cream and infused until firm.

    Pipe onto the cold meringue.


  3. Syracuse Lemon custard


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : PGI Siracusa Lemon - 120g
    • Egg - 3
    • Sugar - 125g
    • Butter - 55g
    • Cornstarch - 1 cuillère à soupe

    In a saucepan, whisk the eggs and sugar. 

    Add the cornflour and mix again, the mixture should turn pale. 

    Add in the lemon purée and heat until thick. 

    Once the cream has become thick, add the butter cut into pieces then blend the custard. 

    Keep in the fridge.

    Fill the pavlova.

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