Pistachio and apricot tartlet

Pastry recipe

For 20 pieces


This a very fresh dessert with a very pronounced fruit taste.

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Pistachio and apricot tartlet
Marc Balaguer Fabra

Marc Balaguer Fabra

Pastry Chef, Ice-cream Vice World Champion 2018, Barcelona
He worked with some of the best Spanish chefs, such as Carles Mampel and Oriol Balaguer, and attended many training courses, more particularly at the Paris International Pastry School. Then, he became...


    • Tapioca - 83g
    • Potato starch - 170g
    • Corn flour - 170g
    • Rice flour - 400g
    • Icing sugar - 240g
    • Pistachio flour - 80g
    • Salt - 4g
    • Margarine - 400g
    • Water - 150g

    Mix the dry elements in a stand mixer with a K-beater.

    Add small cubes of cold margarine.

    Add the water gradually.

    Refrigerate for 1h at 4°C.

    Roll out to a 3-mm thickness and bake at 165°C approximately



    • Margarine - 250g
    • Icing sugar - 250g
    • Pistachio flour - 250g
    • Potato starch - 75g
    • Maizena® - 50g
    • Rice milk - 450g
    • Xantan gum - 1,5g

    Mix the rice milk and xanthan gum using an electric mixer.

    Whisk the margarine until smooth, add the solids and mix until creamy.

    Add the thickened rice milk.



    • Frozen fruits IQF : Apricot halves - 1000g
    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Passion fruit - 90g
    • Maple syrup - 300g

    Heat the maple syrup and evaporate as much water as possible. Add the diced apricots and wait until the water evaporates. Add the passion fruit purée and let the water evaporate again.

    In this step

    Frozen whole fruit and pieces IQF


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Apricot - 445g
    • Frozen fruits IQF : Apricot halves - 400g
    • Pectin NH - 14g
    • Sugar - 150g
    • Margarine - 180g

    Dice the frozen IQF apricots.

    Heat the diced apricots with the apricot purée.

    At 45°C, add the pectin NH mixed with the sugar and bring to the boil.

    Let it cool down to 60°C before adding the margarine.

    Emulsify with a blender.

    Chill at 4°C.

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    Frozen whole fruit and pieces IQF


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Apricot - 150g
    • Vegetal gelifiant - 500g

    Bring the neutral vegetable gelling agent to 40°C. Add the purée or water blending constantly until it reaches 40°C. If there are air bubbles, keep blending until they are removed.

    Use at 40°C.


    Tip:  if don’t have any vegan neutral glaze, you can make one with water, sugar and iota carrageenan (6g / kg).

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  6. Assembly

    Bake the tartlet shell with pistachio frangipane inside. To make half-spheres, place first the sauteed apricots and chill. Then add the apricot cream and freeze. Coat half-spheres with neutral glaze and sprinkle some pistachio powder on top. Put together the tartlet and the half-sphere.

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