Pineapple sorbet - toasted meringue and tropical caramel

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Pineapple sorbet - toasted meringue and tropical caramel
Guilherme GUISE

Guilherme GUISE

Executive Pastry Chef, Hotel Kämp
Guilherme came into contact with pastry and sweets early as a child. At the age of 10, his parents opened an artisanal ice cream shop in Southern Brazil and he used to help his father to create new fl...
  1. Pineapple sorbet


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Pineapple - 880 g
    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Lemon - 120 g
    • Pectin - 9 g
    • Glucose - 90 g
    • Invert sugar - 35 g
    • Mineral water - 440 g
    • Sugar - 160 g
    • Long pepper - 3 pieces

    Mix the pectin and the sugar on a dry pan.
    Add the glucose, invert sugar, water, ground long pepper and give it a boil.
    Add the Pineapple and Lemon purées and mix well.
    Fill the 2 Pacojet beakers and freeze for 24 h.
    Pacotize when you are ready to use or reserve at -16°C.

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  2. Coconut meringue


    • Egg white - 150 g
    • Sugar - 300 g
    • Dessicated Coconut (rape) - As required

    Mix the egg whites with the sugar and warm the mixture to 68°C.
    With the help of a mixer, whip the egg whites until very soft peaks.
    Pipe individual round shaped shells of about 3.4 cm diameter and sprinkle them, with the desiccated coconut.
    Dry them on a oven overnight at 65°C.

  3. Italian meringue


    • Egg white - 225 g
    • Sugar - 75 g
    • Sugar - 375 g
    • Vanilla pod - 1
    • Water - 115 g

    Place the egg whites, 75 g of sugar and vanilla pod on a mixing bowl.
    On a small pot, place the 375 g of sugar and the water, then bring it to the boil.
    When the mixture is about 116°C, start whipping the egg whites.
    Cook the sugar to 124°C and pour into the eggs whites that are whipped to the right consistency.

  4. Tropical caramel


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Passion fruit - 200 g
    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Pineapple - 50 g
    • Sugar - 1 000 g
    • Bicarbonate of soda - une pincée
    • Water - 340 g
    • Thick cream - 750 g
    • Vanilla pod - 2
    • Dark rum - As required
    • Salt - As required
    • Long pepper - As required

    Mix the sugar and baking soda well on a dry pan.
    The baking soda will help you achieve a very dark caramel without making the mixture too bitter.
    Add the water and cook the sugar to a very dark caramel.
    On a separate pot, bring to the boil the cream, vanilla pods, pineapple and passion fruit purées.
    Let it infuse.
    Once the sugar is caramelized, add the cream, vanilla and purées mixture and bring to the boil again.
    Finish by adding dark rum, salt and long pepper to taste.

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  5. Compressed pineapple


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Pineapple - 150 g
    • Pineapple (dice) - 450 g
    • Dark rum - 50 g

    Choose 1cm ananas cubes.

    Add all the ingredients into a vacuum bag and vacuum on the highest setting.
    Reserve until ready to use.

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  6. Mango


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Mango - 100 g
    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Yuzu - 25 g
    • Mango (dice) - 250 g
    • Lime (zest) - 1

    Cut the mango into small dices, add the Mango and Yuzu purées and lime zest.
    Reserve until ready to use.

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    Frozen fruit purées
  7. Passion fruit jelly


    • Sugar - 85 g
    • Agar agar - 5 g

    Boil the fruits purées, the sugar and the agar-agar.
    Once boiled, transfer the mixture to the fridge for a couple of hours until very cold.
    Blend the mixture using a food processor until very shiny.
    Reserve until ready to use.

  8. Assembly

    Pactize the pineapple sorbet and scoop a generous portion of the sorbet on top of the dried coconut meringue.
    Set aside in the freezer.
    Make the Italian meringue and don’t cool it down too much.
    With the help of a bush piping nozzle, pipe the meringue around the sorbet with the help of a turn table.
    Carefully burn the meringue with the help of a blow torch and reserve in the freezer until ready to plate.
    Place the pineapple meringue sorbet in the centre of the plate.
    Spread some of the caramel, a bit of fresh passion fruit, the mango dices, the pineapple cubes and the passion fruit jelly.

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