Mango textures

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Mango textures


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The 38 year-old Gilles Wintenberger, who is a native of Alsace in Eastern France, has been the Executive pastry chef of the Chedi Muscat hotel in Oman since 2014. Gilles first apprenticed with the gre...
  1. Vanilla ganache


    • Gelatin - 4 g
    • Cream - 232 g
    • Vanilla - 4 g
    • White couverture 35% - 103 g

    In a large amount of chilled water, soak the gelatin leaves for around 20 min.
    Boil the cream and infuse with the vanilla pods for 10 min.
    Add in the drained gelatin.
    Pour the mixture in 2 or 3 times, over the white chocolate and emulsify using a mixer.
    Keep in the chiller for 24 h before use.

  2. Mango tagliatelles


    • Water - 60 g
    • Sugar - 25 g
    • Vegetable gelling powder - 8 g
    • Scraped vanilla pod - 1 g

    Warm the water to about 60°C.
    Mix the vegetable gelling powder with the sugar and vanilla, stir in purée and bring to the boil.
    Pour the jelly onto the 2 mm high ganache sat on a Silpat.
    Set aside in the fridge.

  3. Mango marshmallow


    • Sugar - 60 g
    • Invert sugar - 51 g
    • Gelatin - 6 g
    • Water - 15 g

    Soak the gelatin in cold water.
    In a saucepan, mix the sugar, water, invert sugar (21 g) and cook to 116°C.
    Pour step by step the cooked sugar over the invert sugar (30 g).
    Leave to cool before adding the soaked gelatin.
    Pour the marshmallow mixture into a 1 cm high frame on a Silpat previously greased.
    Let set for 24 h.

  4. Espuma biscuit


    • Butter - 20 g
    • Flour - 100 g
    • Icing sugar - 100 g
    • Egg white - 200 g

    Mix it all together and put into a siphon. Add 2 gas cartridges.
    Then, grease plastic cups, fill 1/3 of mixture and cook in the microwave for 30 sec.

  5. Mango mascarpone cream


    • Mascarpone - 200 g
    • Icing sugar - 75 g
    • Cream - 100 g
    • Gelatin - 6 g

    Soak the gelatin in cold water.
    Heat the gelatin with a small amount of cream.
    Mix with the rest of the cream.
    Pour the cream and gelatin into the Mango purée.
    Then, add the mascarpone cheese and blend it until homogenization.


  6. Black lace tuile


    • Icing sugar - 50 g
    • Butter - 50 g
    • Flour - 50 g
    • Egg white - 50 g
    • Violet essence - As required
    • Charcoal - 1 g

    Mix the softened butter and icing sugar together, add the eggs and flour.
    At the end, put some drops of violet essence.
    Then, pour the mixture into a lace tuile mold, bake at 150°C for 4 min. and give it shape.

  7. Mango coulis


    • Neutral glaze - 40 g

    Melt the Mango purée, then pour into the neutral glaze.
    Blend without incorporating air.

  8. Mango charcoal sorbet


    • Glucose powder - 50 g
    • Stabilizer - 5 g
    • Invert sugar - 12 g
    • Sugar - 16 g
    • Water - 372 g
    • Charcoal - 2 g

    Warm the water and when it reaches 35-40°C, add the atomized glucose, invert sugar and sugar previously mixed with the stabilizer.
    Pour over the meltedMango purée.
    Pasteurize the mixture at 85°C, then chill quickly to 4°C.
    Set aside in the fridge for 4 to 12 h and churn.

  9. Acidulous powder


    • Icing sugar - 12 g
    • Yellow mango powder - 3 g
    • Bicarbonate of soda - 2 g

    Mix all together.

  10. Hazelnut streusel


    • Brown sugar - 60 g
    • Dry butter 84 % - 60 g
    • Flour T55 - 60 g
    • Almond powder - 25 g
    • Hazelnut (powder) - 47 g

    Mix all the powders together in a stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment then add the cold diced butter.
    Mix until crumbs form.
    Put in the refrigerator for 30 min, then spread unevenly on a Silpat and bake at 150°C.

  11. Mango chips


    • Mango - As required
    • Icing sugar - As required

    Cut the fresh mango into very thin slices.
    Sprinkle with icing sugar and dry them overnight in a hot cupboard.

  12. Assembly

    Place the black lace tuile in the middle of the plate.
    Between the wave, pipe 3 domes of mango mascarpone cream with a round shape nozzle. 
    Fill the domes with mango coulis.
    On each dome, put a mango chips, a piece of streusel, a marshmallow and one piece of espuma biscuit.
    Pipe some drops of vanilla ganache and add some mango tagliatelles on it.
    Sprinkle some acid yellow powder, then place a quenelle of charcoal mango sorbet at the extremity of the tuile and the mango chips on it.

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