Coconut Pineapple cake

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Coconut Pineapple cake
Eran Shvartzbard

Eran Shvartzbard

Boutique pastry chef and baker, teacher, author
Israeli pastry chef Eran Shvartzbard loves to make pastries, desserts and all sorts of baked products that are pleasing to all the senses. He is especially known for the artistic touch and colors h...
  1. Cakes


    • Almond paste 50% - 215 g
    • Sugar - 60 g
    • Salt - 1 g
    • Vanilla pods - 1
    • Lemon (zest) - 1
    • Egg - 150 g
    • Melted butter - 95 g
    • Flour - 60 g
    • Yeast - 3 g
    • Ground coconut - 25 g

    Mix the almond paste, caster sugar, salt, vanilla seeds and lemon zest in a mixing bowl.
    Add the eggs, mix to a homogeneous mixture, add the melted butter and stir.
    Add the flour, baking powder and coconut and stir.
    Divide the mixture into 10 rings, 5 cm in diameter x 5.5 cm and padded with baking paper. Weigh about 65 g per ring.
    Bake for 25-20 min in a preheated oven to 170°C. Cool.
    With an apple cutter, remove the center from each ring, while the cakes are still in a ring.

  2. Basil pineapple marmalade


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Pineapple - 155 g
    • yellow pectin - 3 g
    • Sugar - 60 g
    • Glucose - 28 g
    • Isomalt - 60 g
    • Citric acid - 2 g
    • Basil - 10 g

    Mix the pectin with 15 g of sugar.
    Heat the pineapple purée (115 g) and the glucose to 40°C.
    Add stirring the isomalt-pectin mixture and bring to a boil.
    Add the remaining sugar (45 g) and cook to 106°C.
    Remove from heat.
    Add the citric acid, pineapple purée (40 g) and basil and stir well.
    Pour 14 g of marmalade into the center hole of each cake and cool.

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  3. For decoration


    • Cold glaze with 20% water
    • Grated coconut
  4. Assembly

    After the cakes are cooled, remove from the ring.
    Cut the edges.
    Brush with cold glaze and coat with grated coconut.

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