Coconut with citrus

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Desert inspired from Tickets restaurant, Barcelone

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Coconut with citrus
Marc Balaguer Fabra

Marc Balaguer Fabra

Pastry Chef, Ice-cream Vice World Champion 2018, Barcelona
He worked with some of the best Spanish chefs, such as Carles Mampel and Oriol Balaguer, and attended many training courses, more particularly at the Paris International Pastry School. Then, he became...
  1. Elaboration

    Open the coconut, strain the coconut water and reserve it in the fridge. 

    Extract the coconut meat, cut it in cubes and reserve it in the fridge.

    Peel the exterior of the coconut until smooth, we are going to use it as a dish. 

    Reserve it in the freezer. 

  2. Coconut jelly


    • Frozen speciality : Coconut cream - 300g
    • Mass gelatin - 36g
    • Kaffir Lime - 1

    Heat the half of the purée up to 60ºC with the kafir lime leave.

    Add the gelatin mass and mix it well. 

    Strain it. 

    Add the rest of the purée, the temperature of use it is around 30ºC.

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    Frozen fruit purées
  3. Fake coconut meat

    Take the frozen coconut shell, fill it with some coconut jelly, turn the coconut shell until the coconut gelatin set. 

    The process must cover evenly inside of the coconut shell.

    The size of the fake coconut meat must be around 2 mm, not too much to obtain a good degustation. 

  4. Kalamansi sorbet


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Kalamansi - 180g
    • Water - 150g
    • Sugar - 110g
    • Dextrose - 25g
    • Sorbet stabiliser - 3g

    Mix the solids together.

    Add them to the water while mixing with a whisk to ensure their proper incorporation.

    If necessary, mix it with a blender.

    Heat up to 82ºC, let it cold in the fridge for 12h.

    Add the kalamansi purée then place the mixture in an ice cream churn.

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  5. Decoration


    • Coconut - 50g
    • Water - 100g
    • Sugar - 100g

    Elaboration :

    Extract the coconut flesh from the shell.

    As you will be able to see, the outer part of the coconut flesh is covered with a skin. Peel it very finely using a peeler.

    Bring the water to a boil with the sugar to make a simple syrup.

    Remove from the heat then add the coconut flesh, wait about 5 minutes until the coconut leaves can bend without breaking.

    Make them into small hemispheres so that they keep their shape.


    Finishing and decoration :

    To finish, fill the fake coconut with a little coconut water, add the diced coconut.

    Place a quenelle of Kalamansi sorbet in the center. 

    Garnish with wasabi leaves, coconut decoration and lime zest.


    Tasting :

    The jelly has a very fresh taste thanks to the coconut cream puree, with a touch of combava. While tasting it all, we feel the citrus notes of kalamansi and the spicy taste of wasabi leaves, thus bringing character to this fresh dessert with a natural coconut flavour.

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