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Daisuke MORI

Daisuke MORI

Owner and Chef of En Vedette, Tokyo & Les vergers Boiron Brand Ambassador   Daisuke Mori, owner and Chef of En Vedette in Tokyo, is one of Japan’s most highly respected pastry chef...
  1. Brownie


    • Butter - 400g
    • crystal sugar - 320g
    • Fine salt - 4g
    • Egg - 480g
    • Almond paste - 100g
    • Dark Chocolate 55% - 220g
    • Milk chocolate 41% - 120g
    • Flour - 160g

    Cream the butter with sugar and salt until stiff peak.

    Warm the egg and beat slowly to the mixture.

    Melt the chocolates and slowly add it into the mixture, followed by hazelnut paste.

    Spread this mixture into the frame and bake at 165℃ for 15 minutes.

  2. Ganache


    • Dark Chocolate 55% - 200g
    • Single cream - 160g
    • trimoline - 40g
    • © Cointreau - 12g

    Boil the cream with trimoline and pour over dark chocolate.

    Smooth with hand whisk and add Cointreau.

  3. Pâte de fruits


    • Frozen concentrated preparation : Orange - 18g
    • Frozen fruit purée 100%: Fruits of the sun - 100g
    • crystal sugar - 93g
    • trehalose - 55g
    • Corn syrup - 25g
    • yellow pectin - 4g
    • crystal sugar - 15g
    • Tartaric acid solution - 2g

    Combine 15g sugar and yellow pectin.

    Pour over the puree and concentrate.

    Start to heat up until the sugar melts.

    Add starch syrup, trehalose and 93g sugar.

    Cool until 105[HY1] ℃ and remove from the stove.

    Add tartaric acid solution.


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    Frozen concentrated preparation

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