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Tradition Gourmande

Tradition Gourmande

Association de Pâtissiers
  1. Recipe designed by Tradition Gourmande members, for 1 36 x 36 cm tray

  2. Mango Fruit Paste 100%


    • Apple juice - 250g
    • Caster sugar - 500g
    • Glucose - 145g
    • Sugar - 75g
    • yellow pectin - 15g
    • Acid solution - 15g

    (See recipe on 'Chocolate and Confectionery' Les vergers Boiron documentation)

    Boil up the Mango purée and the Apple Juice.
    Add (sprinkling) the mix Sugar / Yellow Pectin and stir until boiling.
    Add the mix Caster Sugar and Glucose.
    Cook the mix at 107°C or 75° Brix and then add the acid solution.
    Pour the Mix on the tray with Rubber Mat in it.

  3. Marshmallow Raspberry 100% - Hibiscus Flower


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Raspberry - 190 g
    • Caster sugar - 285g
    • Gelatin (powder) - 19g
    • Acid solution - 2,5g
    • Invert sugar - (N°1) 95g
    • Water - (to hydrate the Gelatin) - 43g
    • Invert sugar - (N°2) 119g
    • Hibiscus (extract) - 2

    Cook the Raspberry purée, the invert sugar N°1, the caster sugar at 110°C.
    Add the hydrated Gelatin.
    In a Cake Mixer, place the invert Sugar N°2 and then pour the mix on top of the inverted Sugar N°2.
    Beat on the third speed. Stop when the mass is still soft. Add the acid solution and the 2 drops of Hibiscus.
    Pour on top of the Mango Fruit Paste.

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  4. Assembly and Details

    When the marshmallow starts to stretch (about 45 mins waiting time), remove from tray. Then cut in the middle and top over each other the two parts.
    The next day, cut in dice (22mm x 22mm) and roll the cubes in an acid caster sugar* (partially or whole).

    *Half Water, Half Citric Acid - the day before, mix caster sugar with a little of acid solution then leave to dry in a prover overnight before mixing it with a blender.

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